I-88 Roadway Reconstruction, Aurora IL

Emergency Repair Over Failed Culvert

West Shore Expressway, Staten Island, NY

Precast Pavement Transitions to Bridge Approach’s Complex Geometry

I-66 Highways for LIFE, Fairfax County VA

Ramp’s Complex Geometry No Match for Super-Slab®

Autoroute 13, Laval, Quebec Canada

Production Output Maximized With Automated Grading Equipment

I-88 Reconstruction, Oak Brook, IL

Super-Slab® Provides Cost Effective Maintenance of Traffic

I-294 Emergency Repairs, Justice, IL

Super-Slab® Enhances Public Safety While Making an Emergency Repair

Route 17 Bridge Approach Slabs, Vestal, NY

Precast Pavement Allows Approach to be Completed in Two (2) Shifts

I-676 Vine St. Expressway, Philadelphia, PA

With Only One (1) Lane Closed During Repairs, Super-Slab® Keeps Philadelphia Traffic Moving

Concrete Pavement Repairs, Nassau/Suffolk Counties, NY

Precast Pavement is the Right Solution at the Right Time for Failed Transverse Joints

Dulles Airport Taxiway, Sterling, VA

Airfield Operations Unaffected During Super-Slab® Installation

I-15 Preservation Backlog, Davis County UT

Standardized Slab Sizes Incorporated into Utah’s Pavement Preservation Program

I-15 Rehabilitation, Layton to Clearfield, UT

Contractor Averages Installing 10 Slabs per Nightly Five (5) Hour Closure

Autoroute 427 SB Rehabilitation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Precast Pavement Used to Repair Faulty Composite Pavement Section

Autoroute 427 NB Rehabilitation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Super-Slab® Used for Full Depth Repair

NJ Route 42 Pavement Repair, Camden & Gloucester Counties, NJ

Commuter Traffic Keeps Flowing With Minimal Interruption During Six (6) Hour Nightly Closures

I-295 Pavement Repair, Burlington County, NJ

Super-Slab® Provides a Value Engineered Solution for Full Depth Repair and Restricted Lane Closures

I-280 Pavement Repair, Essex County, NJ

Super-Slab® Incorporated into NJDOT Maintenance Program

Rt. 21 Maintenance & Repair, Newark, NJ

Precast Pavement Provides a Cost Effective Maintenance Option

I-95 Pavement Restorations, New Rochelle, NY

Super-Slab® Incorporated Light Weight Aggregate to Minimize Loading on Earth-Filled Arch Structures

Trial Installation, Oak Brook, IL

Super-Slab® Exceeds ISTHA Approval Standards by Logging Greater Than 90% on FWD Load Transfer Efficiency Test

Tappan Zee (Mainline Roadway)

Cross Town Connector (Ramps and Intersections)

I-95 (Mainline Roadway)

Ramp 9A Tarrytown (Ramps and Intersections)