Route 17 Bridge Approach Slabs, Vestal, NY

Owner: The New York State Department of Transportation

Traffic Count: 50,000 ADT

Work Window: 16 hours per lane, two separate day shifts

This project consisted of the installation of four approach slabs (two on the approach and two on the leave side) of a two-lane bridge on NY Route 17 in Broome County, part of the upgrading of this section of highway in preparation for its re-designation as I-86. The top elevation of the existing abutment backwall shelf had to be raised with a pour of high-early-strength extended grout mixture to support the slabs at the correct new elevation. Dowels to connect the slabs to the bridge were drilled and epoxied into the new shelf. This project demonstrated that the entire installation of a lane of new approach slabs could be completed in 16 hours including demolition, forming and pouring new shelf, grading of subgrade, installation of slabs, grouting and opening to traffic.

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